Core Values


The ‘heart and head' connection requires a care centric approach to maintain relationships with vigour.


The ability to communicate, cooperate and support is more enabling to initiate and complete our goals whilst reducing risk.


Personal growth is the key driver for a transformational journey in our personal and work spheres, balance, being key. 


Clarity of mind and purpose is possible if we can align our values as individuals and organisations to fulfil our aspirations.


Open-mindedness to new ideas, perspectives and sharing provide the pivots for competitive change by learning continuously.


Shared knowledge and collaborative respect provides the basis for sustainable relationships, outcome achievement and empowered communities. 

our story


Fueled by intentions to grow and learn, Levacare was formed by Drs Ellis Situe and Nina Vasan in 1994. The journey is founded on vocational professionalism and quality, leadership, knowledge acquisition, family incorporation and growth and sharing.


It’s acknowledged that any mission requires core values to assist the journey for alignment at a strategic and personal level in order to enable effectiveness and efficiency of the journey.


Our knowledge acquisition and learning has enabled competencies in the following areas:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Organisational Management and Project Management
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Governance
  • Sports Performance and Performance Coaching
  • Investment Management


The sustainability of high performance requires consistency and relevancy with the need for daily alignment with core values, continuous reflection, planning and execution, iteratively. 

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